Digital Desperados Are ‘Jailbreaking’ AI Systems for Thrills, Profit


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The goal, it added, is to develop chatbots that can resist attempts to compromise their safety while continuing to provide valuable services to users.


While AI jailbreaking is still in its experimental phase, it allows for the creation of uncensored content without much consideration for the potential consequences, SlashNext noted on a blog published Tuesday.

“A threat actor can take control of the LLM and force it to produce malicious outputs because of the implicit confusion between the control and data planes in LLMs,” she told TechNewsWorld. “By crafting a prompt that can manipulate the LLM to use its prompt as an instruction set, the actor can control the LLM’s response.”

Surber confessed he’s far more worried about malicious actors compromising AI-driven chatbots that are becoming ubiquitous on legitimate websites.