Intel Innovation 2023, Pat Gelsinger and the Future of the PC

Intel will emerge stronger from this. It’s not a matter of if that will happen but rather when it will occur.

I’ve never liked returning things and would really appreciate it if I never had to do that again.

Personally Created Entertainment

One of my takeaways was that you might want to wait until mid-December to buy your next PC because that evolution will start with a new AI-enhanced processor and improved graphics that better embrace the AI future than what is currently in the market.

Gelsinger then talked about AI being in a Centrino moment and that he is expecting the technology to mature in 2.5 years like Centrino did. My wife worked with Gelsinger back then, and I recall her telling me that Andy Grove, Intel’s then-CEO, referred to the Centrino logo as an image of his prostate. Let’s hope that if Gelsinger logos the NPU, it will look better.

When listening to an audio or participating in a videoconference, the hearing aids do real-time translation and eliminate ambient noise. When someone approaches, they notify the user of a change. If the user wants to talk to that other person, they simply switch the audio from the event to that new person while the AI automatically transcribes what is occurring so that the user doesn’t miss any part of the call.

While I’m sure actors are concerned their images would be misused for this purpose, my goal would be to put me, other family members, and friends into the movies I create. I think I could have a lot of fun doing this, though I wonder if my friends and family would be as supportive, given my taste in movies. For instance, I think it would be fun to see myself as John Wick.

Preparing for a Pivot

The scheduled release date is Oct. 5, 2023, and it is available for pre-order now at Best Buy.